Environmental Innovation Symposium, Abuja 2019

May 2019

The Federal Government of Nigeria has partnered with GEObjects to provide environmental analytics capability for Nigeria, delivering wide-ranging power to the government to analyse, model, and respond to the changing local and global economy and environment.

The new systems will support government policy and decision-making and will help the government build economic opportunities and create jobs for Nigerians.

Dr Peter Tarfa, Director of the Climate Change Department of the Federal Ministry of Environment, has identified the opportunity and has raised the important consideration that while climate change presents challenges to Nigeria, Africa, and the world, it also provides great opportunities in a rapidly emerging post-carbon economy.

Working together, the Federal Government and GEObjects held a conference, The Environmental Innovation Symposium, in Abuja earlier this month. The event was extremely popular and was over-subscribed, with additional visitors and students being entertained in the lobby.

The symposium heard from a number of speakers, including a welcome and introduction by Dr Tarfa, feature presentations from Mark Wood, Managing Director of GEObjects (Global), a review of the history of environmental regulation by GEObjects House Counsel and Global Director, David McILwraith, and special guest workshops with Dr Eugene Itua of Natural Eco Capital.

Delegates to the conference originated in many of the government's agencies, as well as from the private-sector, industry bodies, and non-government-organisations. The event was also well-attended by the media.

At the conclusion of the conference, many delegates contacted the government, Dr Tarfa, and the GEObjects delegates and expressed their support and pleasure that Nigeria was taking strong steps. Delegates commented on the value of taking action on climate change, building the Nigerian economy, the importance of Nigeria leading the African region, and in engaging with the global community and economy on environment.

GEObjects expresses its thanks to Dr Tarfa for his vision, his support, and for the Federal Government in its partnership on this project. We extend our thanks also to President Buhari for his leadership and to the Minister.

GEObjects House Counsel and Global Director, David McILwraith discuses the history of environmental regulation with the delegates on Day 1 of the Symposium