GEObjects offers services to in support of our product line.

Consulting Services

GEObjects offers full-service consultancy supporting our clients in the use of our products and in service of general environmental consulting. Our consultants are globally recognised experts in their fields, supporting consulting in the fields of:

  • use and application of GEObjects products;
  • environmental policy;
  • carbon practice management;
  • environmental accounting;
  • greenhouse gas reporting;
  • carbon accounting;
  • carbon modelling;
  • industrial modelling;
  • energy policy;
  • environmental science;
  • power generation technology;
  • industrial systems / plant & line;
  • green power systems;
  • soil carbon / carbon farming;
  • sequestration;
  • carbon trading systems / emissions trading schemes (ETS);
  • remote power provision / point generation;
  • green baseload provisioning;
  • carbon neutrality;
  • carbon methodologies.

Support Services

GEObjects offers product support and help desk services as required. We can back-up your in-house helpdesk with our own help and support services, providing second-level specialist support, product expertise, or we can provide all support from level one upwards. GEObjects can also refer you to a helpdesk provider if you require establishment of a whole of IT help desk and currently lack this capability.

Integration Services

GEObjects can help by connecting our clients with integrators and infrastructure support specialists where required to assist in getting the computer platforms established for use of our products. We can also help with referrals to specialist providers who can assist in inter-systems connectivity to get your systems sharing data and informational resources across your organisation and with institutions, agencies and other operative collaborators.

Maintenance Services

Ongoing maintenance services relating to our products.

Information Services

GEObjects can assist with managing your data and information, especially data analytics, data transport, middleware, databasing and data warehousing, data mining, and big data systems. We can help you analyse your data and information and produce results from your stores.

Data Services

GEObjects can assist with the gathering, corralling, stewardship, and management of data. Data is often viewed as the weak point in modelling approaches where concerns are raised that inadequate availability of data may lead to incomplete findings from the model. These issues are rarely an impediment to production of high-quality information in modelling. GEObjects can assist with producing, discovering, and preparing data to serve the great majority of scenarios. Our experience with data provision enables the closing of gaps in the data body and the construction of a sound data platform.

Education and Training Services

GEObjects offers education and training services at your premises or ours. Our courses are developed and delivered by qualified and experienced professional educators. Our trainers are expert operators of our software and are able to formally train and also coach users in the use and application of our products and related topics.

We also offer a certification programme for those who undertake our training courses and certified professionals are entitled to join The Spatial Society.