Education & Training

Education Services

GEObjects along with its partner Carbon Trading International offers classroom courses covering our products and their applications. Our coursework is developed and delivered by qualified and experienced educators.

Our courses are modular and can be taken individually to deliver learning in specific skill areas or can be taken in sequence, providing a programme of learning that builds to full mastery of our products and the science and practice standards surrounding them.

Spatial Carbon Simulator Operation

Building on the cutting edge GEObjects Analytics program this course will support your country obtain the most out of the software package. Designed by the technicians who have built the Analytics Course the Spatial Carbon Simulator Operation program will look at both the reflective modelling and postulative modelling side of the program.

Strategic Carbon Management Course

In partnership with our education partner Carbon Trading International the Strategic Carbon Management course (previously known as a Certificate IV in Carbon Management) is designed to give you a clear and comprehensive understanding of how to performance manage carbon emissions in one accessible course.

Over 16 weeks you are taken through every essential area of managing CO2 emissions, from the basics of climate change and carbon accounting to Life Cycle Assessment and carbon offsetting. Week by week you apply what you have learnt and carry out workplace assessments using real data and interacting with your colleagues.

The qualification consists of 12 units

•Communicate climate change impacts and recognition of sources of greenhouse gases
•Measure carbon emissions in three scopes
•Evaluate carbon reduction and renewable energy options
•Assist implementation and monitoring of a Carbon Management Response Plan
•Measure and monitor a carbon footprint
•Source, evaluate and purchase carbon offsets
•Develop and communicate a workplace Carbon Management Response Plan
•Implement and monitor a Carbon Management Response Plan
•Complete a carbon Life Cycle Analysis for a product or service
•Evaluate, select and implement a greenhouse gas abatement program
•Market and promote a Carbon Management Response Plan and carbon emissions reduction claims
•Identify and evaluate opportunities for cogeneration, combined cooling, heating and power

Carbon Accounting

Identify and quantify the greenhouse gas emissions for your organisation in accordance with international accounting standards (GHG Protocol AS/ISO 14064.1-2006). This course will help you develop the technical knowledge and business skills critical for the effective implementation of carbon accounting within your organisation.

the course will take you though:
•The technical background to carbon footprinting
•Global warming potential and emissions scopes
•Accounting methodologies
•Overcoming data collection pitfalls
•Reporting; voluntary & compliance
•Standards and guidelines
•Capturing business benefits from intelligence tools

Carbon Offsets

Your carbon offset purchasing strategy should be fully considered, assessed and linked to a range of strategic drivers and targeted organisational objectives. The consequences of a carbon offsets purchase can have ramifications for the entire business. It should be a fully informed process for managing risks and aligning outcomes.

This course is designed for organisations interested in exploring the option of purchasing carbon offsets to reduce their emissions and / or becoming carbon neutral. By the end of this course, you will have a well-developed understanding of carbon offsetting that will allow you to make sound decisions to achieve your organisational objectives.

Lifecycle Assessment

Evaluate alternative product configuration and operational sourcing options in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Learn how to identify, calculate and prioritise emissions reduction opportunities.
Learn how to assess GHG emissions of an individual product, either a good or a service, across its entire life cycle – from raw materials through all stages of production (or service provision), distribution, use and disposal/recycling – in accordance with the method specified in the BSI Publicly Available Specification 2050:2008 ‘PAS 2050’.

Life cycle assessment can provide:
•Internal assessment of product life cycle GHG emissions
•Evaluation of alternative product configurations, operational and sourcing options, etc. on the basis of their impact on product GHG emissions
•A benchmark for measuring and communicating emission reductions
•Support for comparison of product GHG emissions using a common, recognised and standardised approach
•Support for Corporate Social Responsibility reporting

Operational Carbon Management

The Operational Carbon Management Course (previously known as the Certificate III in Carbon Management) is for operational staff. Developing carbon management skills will enable front line workers to recognise and support the operational improvements required by business today.
This competency-based course provides business with the critical green skills needed to identify and capture energy efficiency improvements and reduce carbon emissions from business operations.

Operational Carbon Management graduates develop skills and competencies to enable them to contribute to and carry out local implementation of a whole of organisation carbon reduction strategy developed by managers who have completed the Strategic Carbon Management Course.

The Effective Supervisor

This dynamic and interactive course will enable you to become a confident, credible and capable supervisor, by focusing on the core competencies needed to manage yourself, your work load and your team.

Learning outcomes include:
•know your role as a supervisor
•know your supervisory style
•develop problem solving, research and communication skills
•grow your time management and delegation skills
•know how to give and receive feedback
•develop stronger financial skills
•develop your coaching and mentoring skills.


Training Services

GEObjects offers episodic training onsite. Our instructors are experts in product use. Their presence onsite will provide instruction and coaching for personnel using our products in their home setting. Training services are adapted directly to your circumstances and match your own use case. Trainers move among the staff assisting and coaching them as they approach both staged learning exercises and real-world cases from their work.

Special coaching is available for intensive skill delivery to specialist staff and to executives.